life का purpose explained in 10 minutes

What is the purpose of life, why does the universe exist and why is there something rather than nothing? In this episode we will discuss the possible answers to these 3 big questions.

0:00 What is the purpose of life
0:39 Meaning of purpose
1:09 Reason of one's existence
1:42 3 Low level purposes
2:50 Animals also have these purposes
3:25 Success is not purpose
3:48 We can overcome all 3 purposes
5:08 Free will
5:25 Power of human mind
5:46 Purpose beyond 3 purposes?
6:00 Why do anything?
7:15 Why you must seek greatness
7:57 Play and try to win
8:25 The purpose of existence
8:47 Before Big-bang
9:30 Ouroboros
9:55 Living life totally
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