ICT Trading Psychology - Psychological Barriers [HQ ICT Speech]

Demand your price, demand your setup, and combat the impatience that resides between setups. - [ICT]

----- Psychological Barriers

1 - Fear of Missing Moves:

To alleviate the fear of missing profitable moves, it is crucial to understand your unique setup. Define it in a written trading plan and link it to time and price.

2 - Fear of Losing:

Overcoming the fear of losses requires embracing uncertainty. Have a well-defined plan and method in place. Lower leverage and reduce overtrading to mitigate this fear.

3 - Impatience Between Setups:

Develop discipline over time by following the rules of your trading method. Patience is key; wait for the best scenarios and don't succumb to the impatience that plagues many novice traders.

----- Step-by-Step Process

Fear of Missing Moves:
1. Define your setup.
2. Link your setup to time and price.
3. Create a trading plan.

Fear of Losing:
1. Embrace uncertainty.
2. Lower leverage.
3. Reduce overtrading.

Impatience Between Setups:
1. Develop discipline.
2. Wait for the best scenarios.
3. Avoid forcing trades.



-------- Is trading suitable for everyone?

Trading may not be suitable for everyone. Some individuals may need to rely on others or avoid trading altogether.

------- How to overcome the fear of losing?

To overcome the fear of losing, it is important to lower leverage, follow a well-defined plan, and embrace the inherent uncertainty in trading.

----- Why is discipline crucial in trading?

Discipline is crucial in trading as it ensures that you wait for the best setups, preventing impulsive and regrettable decisions.

------- Do indicators play a role in trading?

While not necessary, indicators can be useful. However, it is more important to focus on understanding and relying on your unique setup.

------- How to combat impatience between setups?

To combat impatience between setups, it is essential to develop discipline, wait for the best scenarios, and avoid forcing trades. Patience is a virtue in trading.


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