Mimetic Theory: Two Types of Psychological Needs

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Why do we want the things we want? One psychological explanation is that we often actually don't know what we want, but instead imitate others. This phenomenon is known as mimetic theory. According to Girard, the French philosopher who originated the theory, most of our desires are metaphysical- as opposed to bodily needs - and we mimic them from people around us. And because of that, people inevitably end up wanting the same things, which creates rivalry, conflict, and scapegoating.

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Voice: Matt Abbott
Coloring: Sasalux
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Cheeky Plum Fairy - Shaun Frearson
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00:00 Introduction
00:25 Mimetic theory
01:03 Rene Girard
01:50 The schoolyard dilemma
02:10 Illusion of autonomy
02:25 Subject, object and mediator
02:43 The cycle of scapegoating
03:11 What do you think?
03:35 Patrons credits
03:44 Ending

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