Why Freud is the Greatest in Psychology | Introduction to Psychology #psychology #Freud #Psych101

Why is Sigmund Freud the greatest of all time in the history of psychology?
It's because he single-handedly discovered 1. the unconscious, 2. trauma, 3. childhood, and invented psychotherapy. Let's see how he did it!
This is the Introduction to Psychology with Dr. Sho.

#psychology #Freud #Psych101 #sigmundfreud #historyofpsychology #psychologyfacts

0:00 Why is Sigmund Freud important in psychology?
0:35 How do we understand human psychology today?
1:12 How did people in the medieval understand human psychology?
3:12 How did Sigmund Freud revolutionize the understanding of human psychology in a case study of Anna O?
5:02 What are the important ideas of Sigmund Freud?
5:10 What is the unconscious?
5:43 What is a trauma?
6:27 What is childhood?
7:56 What is psychoanalysis?
8:18 Why is Sigmund Freud the greatest in the history of psychology?
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